Win Tech Complete solutions for industrial joinery

An expert in robotics and engineering, WIN TECH manufactures custom-built industrial machinery and equipment. Our engineers examine, design and produce your projects from A to Z in order to improve your production performance. Discover our services and machines for PVC and aluminium. Our products are made in Belgium and we collaborate with resellers throughout Europe.

Assets which are the strength of our industrial engineering company

Win-techAs well as more than 20 years of expertise and multi-skilled, motivated and highly qualified staff, our company has many assets :

  • Flexibility. The flexibility of our services - and therefore our machinery - means we can respond with great accuracy to customers’ needs.
  • Passion. Driven by the ambition to find a solution to every request, we will make your project possible.
  • Exclusivity and innovation.  One of our flagship products is, without doubt,  the AGS automatic saw. This is one of the most high-performance machines on the market for cutting PVC glazing beads and aluminium and PVC profiling.  We customise this for you by adding features that are specifically suited to your needs. We can also offer a machine which does not yet exist. This will be customised according to your requirements, because we control the various trades centrally. With our strong links with the company WOW Technology, we control the mechanics and electricity as well as the software connected to our machines.
  • Skills synergy. WIN SPRL has the benefit of the skills of its sister company, WOW Technology. This amounts in all to more than a hundred people, including dozens of robotics, mechanical, electrical and IT engineers who are at your disposal. A wide range of skills for the best result. 

Want to know more about our works and services ?

Find out more about our latest works and services, designs and other news regarding industrial joinery through our website. We are also available to answer all your questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us on line if you wish to become a reseller or get a catalogue about one of our products.