Machinery and services for frame manufacture

WIN TECH carries out the customised design as well as the manufacture of machinery and equipment for PVC and aluminium industrial joinery. Our machines stand out because of their comprehensive and customisable functional features. In order to optimise productivity, we examine the most suitable work flows and processes for each specific frame production. WIN has a clear goal: to be active throughout Europe through a network of motivated and competent distributors. Production, however, remains 100% Belgian for indisputable quality reasons.

Our advantage: a custom-designed offering of machines and services

The skills of the WIN TECH team are very varied. This adaptability means we can provide a comprehensive service in order to optimise your factory’s productivity. Practically speaking, WIN TECH designs complete frame production lines.

How? By optimising various manual or (semi-)automated work stations and connecting them to each other with cutting-edge handling equipment. The entire line can then be managed using a computerised system which we produce and control, thanks to our robotics expertise.

Find out more about what has made WIN TECH successful for more than 20 years :

  • Studies from A to Z. Our engineers are qualified to study and design, with a customer, the most productive installation which is best suited to their production methods.
  • Improve a company's productivity. By examining production flows and by proposing machines that are suited to specific needs, WIN TECH offers a comprehensive solution to boost the productivity of a PVC and aluminium frame factory.
  • Studies and manufacture centralised at our company located in Achêne, close to the French border.
  • Customised service. In contrast to the rigidity of some larger entities, WIN TECH can offer customised solutions. We listen to all your requests.
  • Rapid assistance and availability. One single contact person for each project. Each of our customers gets rapid and customised assistance and services. We determine what you need together.
  • Sophisticated machinery. We customise our automated machinery, work stations and handling devices to our customer's requirements. We add specific functional features, so that you get the best out of your installation. We go further than our competitors and customise each solution.

Want to know more ?

Would you like to become a reseller? Would you like to get more information about a product? Please contact us for information or to receive a catalogue. Our motivated and highly skilled team is here for you.