Computer-integrated material handling

Handling equipment for aluminium and PVC industrial joinery

WIN TECH is a Belgian company, and was one of the pioneers in aluminium handling equipment. Today, we are passing on the legacy of this expertise and honouring this heritage with ambitions to go even further. Our team of engineers can design and manufacture a wide range of handling equipment for your company. Benefit from over 20 years of experience in the field of industrial joinery, handling equipment, robotics and automated machinery to improve your productivity. You send us your plan and assemblies, and we decide on the ideal factory layout.  

Handling equipment shapes the internal logistics of a company, which is why it is the key to productivity. These various operations must follow each other smoothly to enable materials, products and information to be conveyed, stored and handled. Harmony and balance between work stations must be extremely accurate and perfect. This is where Win can help, by offering an accurate and comprehensive design of the means and solutions to be installed to be the perfect solution to a specific work flow. Every customer is offered the ability to have carefully examined, accurate and qualitative production management.

Handling equipment for optimum manufacturing flow

Our handling equipment is examined comprehensively at our premises, and it is also installed and commissioned by our technicians. Find out more about our product offering below.

Please note: all aspects of handling equipment can be analysed in a study to boost productivity in your company, as part of our Win Consult service.

Handling and storage

  • W1 Storage equipment
  • W2 Profile trolleys
  • W3 Frame trolleys
  • W4 Transport and shipping trestles
  • W5 Accessory trolleys

Work station layout

  • W61 Vacuum handling device;
  • W62 Roller feed;
  • W63 Cut-to-length machine;
  • W7 Assembly work station;
  • W71 Horizontal assembly station;
  • W72 4-arm rotating table.
  • W75 Sash fitting centre
  • W76 Tilt-table
  • W77 Vertical work station
  • W78 Glazing press
  • W79 Inspection work station

Conveying and automatic storage

Conveying products :

  • W80 Conveyor arm
  • W81 Horizontal conveyor belt
  • W82 Horizontal roller conveyor
  • W86 Vertical conveyor

Storage and accumulation equipment :

  • W91 Shuttle
  • W95 Palletiser
  • W99 Buffer

Want to know more about our handling machinery products ?

Are you interested in a handling machinery product? Please ask us for the relevant catalogue. Do you need a comprehensive service? Please contact us - we can carry out a study of your manufacturing process from A to Z. Together we can design your production flow to optimise your productivity. Our staff are here for you to answer any questions, because the customer is the centre of our focus. Please do not hesitate to contact us using the on-line contact form.