WIN TECH, your partner in industrial aluminium and PVC joinery 1992

The synergy between WIN TECH and WOW Technology is even more alive today than ever before. This meeting of skills enables the production of manufacturing process products and solutions which are high-performance and extremely precise. 115 specialists are involved in technology development in our company and, therefore, in your projects. The customer is not always aware of this dynamic because they only have contact with one single person, for optimum organisation.

Win Tech is proud today of this multi-disciplinary collaboration and of its products which are entirely designed and manufactured in Belgium. How have we been able to reach this level of quality?

Decades of experience to boost your productivity 

Win Tech

Founded in 1992, WIN TECH developed its business activities with the import and distribution of light machinery (assembly trolleys, tilt-tables, etc.) and, even at this stage, equipment intended for industrial joinery in order to supplement the household hardware business. The company grew very rapidly and developed its own manufacturing plant. The products were then essentially aimed at local markets for small Belgian and French joinery businesses.  WIN TECH was already crossing borders.

Bolstered by its experience, WIN TECH developed more and more elaborate equipment (such as glazing presses, drill benches, cut-to-length machines) as well as its first handling equipment projects. With its success growing, WIN enlarged its space, moved and invested in new high-precision machine tools as well as in CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software.

Three machines have enabled WIN TECH to establish itself as a key technology and innovating player in the industrial joinery market:

  • MFC: sash fitting centre;
  • AFS: robot for screwing in fittings on sashes;
  • AGS: automated cutting centre for glazing beads and additional aluminium and PVC profiles.

WIN TECH’s products were then distributed throughout France and Belgium. Several handling equipment installations were carried out. As WIN’s technological skills were getting acknowledged well beyond the world of joinery, it was chosen to carry out a submerged trolley project for a major chemical industry customer (Solvay). It was during the design of this project the WIN encountered another company with great technological value: WOW Technology. WOW and WIN TECH decided to combine their respective skills in order to offer products with a very high added technological value. This combination give a boost to the development of new products but also to the improvement of existing products. After another move, the company has since then set up its workshop in the industrial area at Achêne in Belgium, close to the French border.

WIN TECH's company values

Behind the cutting-edge machinery and technology, our team is guided by the following values and missions:

  • Passion: WIN TECH's development rests in the skills and motivation of our multi-skilled team. These members of staff work hand-in-hand with passion and a feeling of responsibility to carry out your projects. Endlessly fed by new prospects, they are at the heart of the success of our projects.
  • Innovation: WIN TECH provides customised solutions, each new project therefore brings technological progress.
  • Team: the collaboration between WIN TECH and WOW Technology has enabled WIN TECH to keep control over all of the trades needed to manufacture the machinery (engineering, mechanics, electrical, robotics, automation, software, etc.). We can control technology challenges thanks to dynamic communication. The sharing of knowledge within our company is the key to our success! This is how we can devise innovative and intelligent solutions.